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Cover novel Eleanor & Park

I’ve been dying to read this novel since like what, last year? most of my friends told me that it was just one of the cliche novel. That actually makes me even curious, sometimes I get so interested in something that most of people don’t. So, somehow one of my classmate decided to sell out her old books and it happened that this book was on sale! I still couldn’t believe why did she even sell this kind of book. (anyway thanks Taz!)

This is not going to be a normal book review where I’d talk about the way the author put together the words, about the story line and so. well, probably I will. I just think it will be something more like what I think after I read this novel.

I took me quite a bit of time to finally realized that the story took a place in Nebraska, dumb me trying to figured it out where was Omaha and why the name was kinda familiar. Anyway it’s a good thing because all this time I thought that there were just a wide big crops in Nebraska, nothing else (no offense tho). To make this look like a real book review, I’d tell you this is romance young adult novel. yeah, I know you’ll think it’s just another cheesy romance novel. it was, but it wasn’t bad cheesy. Started with Eleanor, red headed girl, dressed up like a mess, wasn’t really nice and oh she’s pretty chubby too. Then Park, all dressed up in black, with head phone on, and he’s half Korean, which is interesting since how the heck even some Korean guy ended up living in a small town in Nebraska anyway. (you’ll find out why)

Their love story goes slow, like it’s a little baby step each time they get closer to get to know each other. I guess the reason why I like this novel so much is because i kinda can relate to it, you know? like have you ever read a book and stop for a second because it got you thinking about your life? I can relate to what Eleanor and Park felt, about their family, their friends, their feelings. well, not the whole thing tho, but still.

Not to mention that the setting was in 1986 and they started their friendship with mix tapes and comic. God I wish I live in the 80s because then people don’t just text you or go over your Instagram or Snapchat. Ha. The book also touches on ‘serious’ issues, such as domestic and child abuse, bullying, body image, and racism. It is not just a flouncy, romance novel. It has a real substance.

One of my favorite quotes about this book describes it perfectly: Eleanor & Park “reminded me not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book.” and I did love the book, so I’m sure you guys will enjoy this novel too, I promise!

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